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    January 1, 1984

    Microsoft Cloud

    The Microsoft Cloud section of our site will contain articles and information about Microsoft Azure and that will include the Identity, Access Manage...
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    January 1, 1984

    Exchange Server

    Exchange Server 2013 is the current of the production and it was released on 03-December-2012 and it comes in two editions: Standard and Enterprise. F...

Automating the process to join a server to a domain using PowerShell

In this Tutorial we are going to optimize a simple task that in larger environments may take some time from the service desk/operations team which is the process to join…


Managing mailbox audit feature in Exchange Server 2013

In this Tutorial we are going over the process to manage mailbox audit in Exchange Server 2013. Solution Exchange Server has a feature that can be enable which allows the…


Fixing the error “The network path was not found” on a new witness server

In situations where a new server is built to be used as witness server the administrator can get the error “The network path was not found” during the DAG creation….


How to remove a domain from Office365

In this Tutorial we are going over the process to a remove a production domain from Office365 using the web interface however the same results can be achieved using PowerShell….


Cloud Ecosystem Poster: Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2

Provides a visual reference for understanding key Microsoft private cloud and on-premises cloud technologies. Get a copy from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=43718

Important update available for Exchange Server 2013 hybrid deployments

An important update is now available to resolve issues customers are currently experiencing when using the Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) to create a new or manage an existing hybrid deployment…


Managing anti-spam on Exchange Server 2013 Mailbox role

In this Tutorial we will be demonstrating the steps required to install and remove the anti-spam agents on a Mailbox Server. The anti-spam agents are available only on Mailbox and…


How to rebuild Exchange Server 2013 search catalog

In this Tutorial we are going over the required steps to reset the Exchange Server 2013 search catalog. Depending of your environment the process to rebuild may be disk intensive,…


How to configure an OU as default for new objects in Active Directory

In this Tutorial we will configure an Organization Unit as new default location for new users. By default, all new objects created by Exchange for example are created under Users…


How to add an additional domain controller

In this Tutorial we are going over the process to add a new Domain Controller into an existent domain. Solution The first step is to add the role on Windows…


Software-Defined Networking with Windows Server and System Center Jump Start

Free online event with live QA with the WAP team: http://aka.ms/WAPIaaS Two half-days – Wednesday July 16th & Thursday July 17th – 9am-1pm PST IT Pros, you know that enterprises…


How to add the Active Directory Domain Services role

In this Tutorial we are going over the process to add the Active Directory Domain Services role on a Windows Server 2012 R2. This procedure will be the same for…

Azure enhancement Site-to-Site VPN functionality

After Scott Guthrie announce the new enhancements on Azure, last May, I was very excited with one in particular. Multi Site-to-Site VPN. This enhancement comes at the best time. Because…


Managing Directory Based Edge Blocking (DBEB) feature in Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

The DBEB feature is a powerful resource for Exchange Administrators that are using Exchange Online Protection where only the valid e-mail addresses in Office365 will be able to receive e-mails….


How to create a DAG in Exchange Server 2013 SP1 without AAP

In this Tutorial we are going to use a new feature introduced in Exchange Server 2013 SP1 which is the capability to create a DAG object without an AAP (Cluster…